To provide church members and the community long and short social, cultural and educational trips and events that may be inspirational or just fun. Trips and events are planned to build and enrich fellowships among church members and to reach and strenghten relationships within the community.


  • Use the ministry as an educational source with informative presentations and demonstrations.
  • Host guest speakers with travel and cultural experience providing photos and visual presentations.
  • Create travel-themed events i.e. international decor, pot luck dinners, etc.
  • Build an exciting and informative travel presence on all COFBC media platforms.
  • Travel to sights that are part of a rich multi-cultural history.
  • Host post-trip fellowships to share memories and experiences.

The COFBC Travel Ministry will facilitate fellowship and support among the congreation with both International and Domestic multi-day getaways, day trips , cruises and tours.


  • Provide an opportunity to set aside the time and funds.
  • Offer a general travel agenda for the upcoming year(s), possibly to include a 3-year forecast of travel plans.
  • Provide a means of refreshing the body, mind and spirit.

The COFBC Travel Ministry will enhance the overall church :

  1. By becoming a tool for understanding our cultures as well as others.
  2. By promoting peace and understanding.
  3. By encouraging discipleship, mentorship and outreach opportunites.
2023 Tentative TripsTentative Date(s)
Tour of HBCU Colleges 2023
Historical Montgomery-Selma Trip 2023
?? ??