The Relationship Healing Counseling Ministry mission is to help individuals improve and build better relationships in marriage, families, single-life or the work environment.

Our mission statement indicates that we are seeking to offer help, as well as aid to individual who are striving to understand and improve their relationship with others.

We understand that individuals facing relationship issues are concerned about the best way to handle them and that they have a need for better insight as well as information on how to proceed.

Relationship Healing offers some of the help a person will need to improve, build or reconcile their relationships with others.


The Purpose and Aim of this Ministry is to help individuals build upon and improve their inner and spiritual focus and to see better ways of handling their relationships.

We believe that once the focus is swiftly shifted from the person or problem and place on the solution, which is Jesus Christ, we will gain insight on the best way to respond, thus improving matters between us and others. And that this will open the door to opportunities for building a better relationship.

We farther believe, that if a person changes the way they think and perceive things; this will change the way they respond. Changing the way you respond to others can change some of the things which are occurring in your life … and changing some of those things will help both parties.


The Vision and overall intent of this Ministry is to help a person focus more strongly on their relationship with God.

By either strengthening the relationship you already have with God, learning how to establish a new one, or rebuilding a relationship which may have been severed; you will be equipped and empowered with everything you’ll need to improve and build upon your present relationship.

Relationship Healing uses a variety of class sessions and topics as well as speakers to help achieve this goal.
This ministry can be a blessing if you are willing to build upon your relationship with God; so you can have better success with your earthly relationship.


Confidentiality! Some of the information shared in the class session may be of a private nature and participants are encouraged not to repeat that information to others who are not a part of the Ministry/Class Session. Participants are welcome to share their personal testimony and any information the Holy Spirit is leading them to share. Personal testimonies and experiences can be a great source of encouragement to others who are going through or experiencing a similar situation. You are not obligated to share any information or say anything in the class settings that you feel could be damaging to you.


In an effort to always strive for excellence, participants are sometimes asked to fill out Class Evaluation Sheets at the end of the Ministry/Class Session. This information is useful in helping us to assess some of the areas we need to improve on and areas of concern, on your part, we need to address. The Evaluation Sheets also offers an opportunity for an individual to share their overall opinion about the Ministry/Class Session and any suggestions they might have on how we can improve on the sessions and the Ministry, to better serves the needs of others and you.

You are not asked to give your name or any information about yourself, only an assessment of the Classes and the Ministry.