key components to ministry of men


 To teach men how to find their Identity in Christ. Every man needs a sense of purpose. Without a godly purpose in life; a man is left to measure his significance and his success by what he owns, what he achieves, and what he controls.


Create ministry where men can find intimate trusting relationships with other men. Spiritual brothers who will become genuine friends, that will encourage, exhort, and love them.

God’s calling:

 As we minister to men , we must help them to identify God’s purpose for their lives and equip them to fulfill their godly purpose at home, in the church , and in the world.


Men need to know how to excel in the basics of Christian life . A man must be taught the fundamentals of the faith in order to live a purposeful  and productive life in Christ. To grow into maturity and productive services for the Lord, each man must be given the necessary tools for Bible reading, prayer, Scripture memorization, witnessing, and discipling others. And he must learn how to incorporate what he learns about the Word of God into his everyday life.

Marriage and Family Skills:

Most men have never been taught how to be godly men, husbands, or fathers. Many boys grow up with poor or nonexistent relationship with their fathers , resulting in deep wounds and resentments . Often these past experiences are carried over to their own families, thereby perpetuating the cycle of poor fathering , wounding, and resentment in the next generation. Many men have given up the role of spiritual leader of the home because of pride and embarrassment, and now they feel that any sudden change in their role would be viewed as hypocritical or super spiritual. Men need to know that it’s okay to repent and be humble in front of their families. 


Men today need to learn how to give God the firstfruits of their lives—not only their finances but their time, talent, and energy. The teaching of stewardship skills will allow men to sharpen their God – given gifts and talents so they can be used in excellence for the Lord.

The Cathedral of faith Men’s Ministry strategy is to meet needs of these key components:

  1. Provide variety of entry points that will facilitate the involvement of men in the church.
  2. Men ‘s Conferences /Men Retreats 
  3. Special Events –Fishing, golfing, super bowl, etc.
  4. Equipping Seminars/Training sessions
  5. Congregational Gathering-Bible Study, Sunday School, Revivals
  6. Men’s Small Groups

Manhood restored

Classes will be held at 8 a.m. in the Annex Chapel.