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To meet the mental and spiritual needs of women who have become widows.


1. To renew and develop a relationship with God.

2. To have a safe palace to share thoughts and mutual experiences.

3. To return to society and gain personal relationships with others.

Members fill out a information form that contains contact information as well as their interests.

The interest information places them in groups:

1. Movies - by genre

2. Eating out - sometimes in conjunction with the movies group

3. Shopping

4. Travel

5. Reading - There is a lending library where books are shared

6. Exercise/Walking/Water Aerobics

7. Baking/Cooking

8. Sewing

9. Bingo/Cards/Board Games

10. Crafts

11. Bowling

12. Visitor/Help

This is our outreach group. Anyone, who is a COFBC member, whose husband has passed and gives permission, through Pastor Mack, can receive help from our volunteers to answer the phone, collect food, answer the door and do the busy work of the bereaved family so that they can spend time together without those interruptions. We also lend a listening, understanding ear to the widow at this difficult time.