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Ministry Group Leaders Handbook and Forms


(Brief Description)


Rev. Jerry and Sis. Tashara Keys (6th - 12th grade)

ADDIKTD provides COFBC youth with the opportunity to develop spiritually and to take more active roles in worship to God.  The ultimate goal of this ministry is to win young people for the Kingdom of God and to aid in their spiritual growth.  ADDIKTD consists of Youth Choir, Praise Dance and Mime Ministries, Youth Usher Board, and Youth Sunday School and Bible Study.


Bro. Glenn & Sis. Lois Lea- Cain, Directors

To "assimilate" implies the incorporation of a person into a community.  That is precisely what this ministry's task is designed to people become fully integrated in our church family.-


Rev. Terrell Wilson, Director

Children’s Ministry provides the opportunity to all children of Cathedral to develop spiritually and to take a more active role in the worship of God.  The goal of this ministry is to win young people for the Kingdom of God and aid in their Christian growth.  They will be taught to discuss the Godhead, the plan of salvation and how to lead another child into the body of Christ.  It is our hope that these children develop a spirit of service toward the things of God.

AWANA is an acronym for Approved Workmen Are Not Ashamed and comes from 2nd Timothy 2:15. "Study to show thyself approved unto God, a workman that needeth not be ashamed, rightly dividing the word of truth." The mission of AWANA is to teach boys and girls the gospel of Jesus Christ and to train them to serve him. It is also an effective vehicle for the participants to witness to other boys and girls and even their families.


Sis. Princess Franklin, Director

Christian Education Ministry involves the administration and coordination of programs or strategies to facilitate the spiritual growth or discipleship of believers into Christ-likeness.


Sis. Erica Jenkins, Director

We seek to minister to the body of Christ; the saved and unsaved, anyone with a burden and those who are joyful and thankful! With an offering of praise; we invite the Holy Spirit to not only inhabit us but to rain over all those watching and ignite through His Holy Spirit and Power, the recognition that Christ is the answer and hope for our lives. We also desire to offer those who may or may not have dance/arts experience; the opportunity to minister and praise God through the art of dance/mime.

We accept members ages 7-18 for our Children’s and Youth Teams and ages 19-up for our Young Adult/Adult Teams.


Sis. Barbara Guidry, Coordinator

The Culinary Committee is responsible for the selection and preparation of food for all special services of the church.


Sis. Alfreda Briggs, Director

The Decorating Committee is responsible for maintaining the inner beauty of the church via flowers and bulletin boards.  This ministry is also responsible for decorating the church for special events within the church.


Sis. Patricia Gooden, Director

The Diaconate’s primary goal is to serve as helpmates to the Pastor and deacons through the preparation of Baptism and Communion and the assistance of female members of the church with the special needs.  Diaconates are women who exhibit strong Christian character and demonstrate Christian leadership and guidance for young women.  This group usually consists of Ministers’ and Deacons’ wives.


The Disability Outreach Ministry is committed to helping people with disabilities through friendship, inclusion, advocacy and spiritual needs.


Bro. Sidney Appling, Jr., Director

These individuals are responsible for introducing new members of Cathedral to the “Plan of Salvation”.  Disciples are also responsible for walking with new members through their four weeks of orientation and beyond.  Disciples assist in any way possible to assimilate new members into the church family and ministry.


The purpose of the COFBC Education Committee is to improve educational outcomes resulting in healthy individuals, families and community who have economic stability with productive careers and contribute positively to a civic and equitable society. Our goal is to facilitate, advance, and evolve a common agenda to ensure all children in our community have a clear path to economic prosperity through church, family, education, and community support and opportunities. 


Sis. Ramona Chretien, Ministry Director

First Corinthians 12:28 refers to greeters as the ministry of helps. We help the Pastor fulfill the vision God has given him by making those who come through the doors of the church feel at home. Our responsibility is to help all who come to worship feel joy, sincerity, importance, peace and comfort when they enter the doors of the church.  It is so important that we help everyone feel welcomed.   It is essential to understand as a Greeter, we are the first persons that visitors and members see when they enter the church door, we have to always show the love of Christ.  It is our responsibility to let visitors and members know that we humbly appreciate them fellow-shipping with us. We are committed to ensuring guest that guest are served, that their needs and concerns are met, and that they feel the joy of the Lord upon entering our Worship Service.


Bro. Marcus Rogers, Director

The purpose of this ministry is to provide selective health care services in the church setting and to strengthen the relationship between spiritual needs, physical health, and mental well being.


Sis. Bridgette Granson, Director

This ministry group consists of individuals who are friendly, smile easily and are strong enough in their spiritual commitment to be able to communicate with people on any level of spiritual or educational growth.  Hospitality committee members extend the welcome in the worship services but also are readily available to greet guests and members as they arrive.


Minister & Sis. Lorenzo Carr, Directors

This ministry seeks to nourish and develop the marriage to “Kingdom” standards.  This is primarily done by strengthening the husband/wife relationship.  An offspring of this ministry is the Annual Marriage Retreat.  All couples are urged to attend.


Bro. John Eugene, Director

These two entities are responsible for the audio and video systems during worship services. It is the goal of the sound technicians to get the highest quality taping for adequate reproduction. The Audio Ministry works with any ministry of the church that will be in need of audio for a particular event.


Minister Johnny Letman, Director

This ministry group consists of all the men of the church.  The Men’s Group does a bible study geared toward maturing men and allowing them to take their rightful place as leaders in society and the home.  It is the desire of the ministry to teach men the art of being a man, not just a testosterone-driven male.  If you wish to experience a breeze from the fresh winds of hope in the midst of despair and a drink from the life giving stream, join us in this dynamic fellowship.


Bro. Damien Drain, Minister of Music

The Music Ministry leads the praise and worship for Cathedral of Faith services.  Every form of music, from the anthem to contemporary gospel is used.  All choir members are expected to render song service at both 8:00 a.m. and 11:00 a.m. worship services.  Choir members are also expected to travel when necessary to other functions to provide song service.


Sis. Brittany Simmons, Director

The Nursery Ministry seeks to provide a fun loving, nurturing and spirit filled environment by creating an atmosphere that is conducive to learning and interaction with other children. Facilitated under the direction of trained Christian workers.


Rev. Freddie, Jr. and Sis. Margaret Antoine, Directors

This ministry provides opportunities for people to establish relationships with inmates in an effort to share Christ and get them to the point of acceptance.


Bro. Timothy Smith, Director

This ministry will seek to make your arrival and departure to the church grounds one of ease and hassle-free, in regards to parking.  It will also patrol parking lots to provide security and see that others are parked in authorized areas.


Sis. Janice Price-Mack, Director

This ministry is the avenue to intercession for the Pastor, the staff and the body of believers.  It addresses issues prevalent to church life and the needs of the fellowship.


Bro. Robert Sartin, Director

This area of ministry is designed to minister to members and/or couples experiencing one of the three following phases: (1) before you divorce – information the enemy doesn’t want you to know, (2) separated or divorce- what now & where do I go from here?, (3) divorce recovery – when you are ready to get on with your life and possibly considering remarriage.


Sis. Wilma Gibbs, Director

This committee aids our school aged children in the process of seeking out scholarships, enhancing SAT scores and serves as a guidepost for future aspirations.


Bro. Robert Edwards, President (General)

Ushers serve as doorkeepers and assist in the seating and moving of people in the church from place to place in an organized manner.  Ushers greet people and provide other assistance to make helpfulness and the guidance of the Holy Spirit.


Bro. Rudolph Bailey, Director

This ministry is designed to assist those members, especially our senior members who do not have transportation to Worship Services.


Bro. Jerome Sutton, Director

The mission of the Intervention Ministry is to offer help with the recovery process to individuals affected by different types of addictions and assist them in putting into practice spiritual principles that will transform their lives and lifestyles.


Sis. Andrea Pitre, Director

Web Ministry is more than just having a Web presence or website. It is about using the Internet tools of the 21st century to engage with members, reach out to seekers and share the good news of God's love 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days of the year to more than 1.6 billion people online. By creating and maintaining a dynamic Web ministry can assist COFBC to fulfill its mission of making disciples of Jesus Christ for the transformation of the world. The Photography Ministry seeks to capture, on film, all the memorable occasions, functions and events of church fellowship.  




Sis. A. Denise Mack, Director

This ministry seeks to equip women to grow into maturity in Christ.  It is a gathering of all women, caring for each other, teaching each other, encouraging each other, and nurturing each other.


Minister James Payne, Young Adult Director

Young Adult Ministries provide the opportunity to all the Youth of Cathedral to develop spiritually and to take a more active role in the worship of God.  The goal of this ministry is to win young people for the Kingdom of God and aid in their Christian growth.  It is our hope that these children develop a spirit of service toward the things of God.