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COFBC Mass Choir - 22nd Church Anniversary 2011(3)

The Mass Choir ministers for special events/services as directed by the Minister of Music. The choir is a combination of members from all ADULT choirs (Adult Choir, Young Adult Choir, Men's Chorus, & Women's Chorus).  The Mass Choir's desire is to fellowship together in Christian love and to magnify the Lord. 

Qualifications for Mass Choir

1. Spiritual and moral life born-again believers maturing in Christ.

2. Ages 16 and above.

3. Completion of church membership orientations required.

4. Musical qualifications are minimal vocal ability; must be able to sing on pitch and possess the ability to incorporate within a musical blend.

5. Interest in Ministry and Ministering.

6. Must attend regular rehearsals.

7. Consists of all Choirs: Adult, Men’s, Women’s, Young Adult, and Youth Choir members age 16 and older.

8. Every choir member should be incorporated/involved in some teaching aspect of ministry outside of Sunday morning worship service i.e. Sunday School/Bible Study/Transformation Hour.