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Sis. Mayme Gardner, Coordinator

Lay Christian Counselor is a term used for non-professionals who have received minimal training in counseling techniques and skills.   Lay Christian Counselors are also called "Market Place Counselors" because counseling takes place anywhere women in need are encountered. Lay Christian Counseling is a free service at COFBC.



The Lay Christian Counseling Team is designed to help women with difficult situations in life and to sort through numerous options.  This results in making wise, healthy, workable decisions based upon the word of God. 

Required Qualifications and Training

The goal of the Lay Christian Counseling Team is to offer training to Christian women who meet the prequisites.  Training is received over the course of nine (9) weeks to prepare participants to use counseling techniques to minister to the needs of women with whom they come in contact on a daily basis.

Classes are offered at least once a year.  The course lasts for nine (9) weeks and are held weekly. Closing activities, such as presentation of badges, are included in this time frame.

Women who meet the following criteria are encouraged to sign up:

  1.     Christ as your Savior and Lord
  2.     A call to the counseling ministry
  3.     Exhibit Christian values
  4.     Have knowledge of the scriptures
  5.     Willing to commit to nine weeks of intense training
  6.     Willing to take an oath of confidentiality
  7.     Willing to commit to attending the bi-monthly follow-up workshops
  8.     Willing to serve the church in the Lay Counseling Ministry for a minimum of two years.