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Ester Thomas

Health/Nurses Ministry Director
(409) 504-2294

Doris Gardiner

Health/Nurses Ministry Assistant

Kathryn Renae Littles


Eva Edwards


Leland Lewis

Greeting Cards

Dyanna McCowan & Connie Richards

CPR Instructors

Marcus Rogers

EMS, Fire Inspection, CPR & First Aid Instruction


  • Ester Thomas (Director)
  • Doris Gardiner
  • Kyla Jones
  • Connie Richards
  • Jane LaPoint
  • Lela Smith
  • Eva Edwards
  • Dyanna McCowan
  • Martha Sanco
  • Diana Booker
  • Joanna Smith

The Health/Nurses Ministry is available every Sunday after 8:00am service until 10:40am.  Available services include:

    • Blood Pressure Reading
    • Diabetic Testing
    • Weight Checks and Counseling
    • Lifestyle Changes Counseling
    • Physician's Order Compliance
    • Diet/Exercise Counseling
    • Health Education


Mission Statement:

To strengthen the relationship between spiritual needs, mental and physical, and emotional well being. To generate an interest in self knowledge in an effort to promote better health through counseling.



We seek to assist congregations in the development of Health ministries which relate directly to the unique needs of our members and communities, i.e. getting to the patient's problem, identifying their needs and what we can do to help them.


Is an ongoing process that God uses to keep us faithful, alive, and vibrant in doing God's work. (Isaiah 53:5)


The resources available within communities of faith provide many opportunities for preventive healthcare and wellness.


We provide the following services every 2nd Sunday between services:

  • Blood pressure screening
  • Diabetic testing
  • Weight Checks and Counseling
  • Lifestyle Changes Counseling
  • Physicians' Order Compliance
  • Diet/Exercise Counseling
  • Health Education