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Mission Statement

The mission of the Cathedral of Faith Prayer Ministry is to be spiritual intercessors, matured in the knowledge of prayer and effective in the power of prayer as we seek to assist the body in developing devoted disciples for Christ.


 Statement of Purpose

The purpose of the Cathedral of Faith Prayer Ministry is to teach what Jesus taught the disciples regarding prayer, preparing the church body to be reproductive Christians who reach the world with the Gospel in a demonstration of prayer.

Ministry Goal 

 Our goal is to equip believers for effective spiritual intercession, moving from visualizing,   through deputizing, multiplying, organizing, and mobilizing to achieve the goal of effective evangelizing.


Ministry Strategy

The strategy of the ministry is to under-gird the church body in all areas of ministry involvement with effective prayer, interceding specifically and purposefully for our Pastor, leaders, ministry volunteers, community and our world.

The COFBC Prayer Ministry will have prayer every Wednesday evening at 5 p.m. via teleconferencing. Login information is listed below.

Dial-in number: (978) 990-5134

Access Code: 8431809#

Contact: Sis. Janice Price Mack


Members desiring to be a part of this ministry are encouraged to attend classes offered on Sunday mornings during the Sunday School hour.

Classes Offered:

Intercessory Prayer (8 weeks)

Disciples Prayer Life (13 weeks)

Evangelism Explosion (Prayer Section Only)

Prayer LIne