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Mission Statement

The mission of the Cathedral of Faith Evangelism Ministry is to "Reach and Teach Souls for Christ" through the spreading of the gospel, so that the lost will be lead to Christ and assisted in their spiritual growth.


Statement of Purpose

Matthew 28:19-20

The purpose of the COF Evangelism Ministry is to prepare the church body to carry out the commission of our Lord to the world as seen in Matthew 28:19-20, so that the world may know the power of God to make them whole.


Ministry Goal

Our goal is to spread the good news throughout the community, the city, and the world by faithful witnesses who have committed themselves through training for the purpose of sharing with the lost and multiplying its witness to the glory of God.



Target group for Ministry Workers:

Adults, Youth, and Children (ages 6-12)


Meeting Times

Witnessing Outings:

3rd Saturday of each month

10 am - Noon

Special Events/Community Witnessing

Each quarter-at-designated location

(For all witnessing team members)


  Planning Meetings:

Quarterly as designated for administrative personnel